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Industry's Elite

December 5th - 6pm
Canadian Coutny Fairgrounds - El Reno, OK




Chabot For Sale Chabot For Sale

Lot 13
Tag#: 0004
Sire: Eccentric

Dam: Chabot 9013 (Eccentric x Trademark)
Codon: RR
DOB: 2010 Bred to: Congo
Approx. Due Date: February 13, 2016
Approx. # of Offspring: 2

Every year for the past several, we have held back some of our most coveted females for the Industries Elite, and this year is no different. We have dug deep and pulled a couple of our most dependable Eccentric daughters. To be honest, I'm not even sure which of these gals I should put first this time. They have both made their mark for us. 0004 is undeniably one of the most stunning females on the place. Not only does she present herself like a lady, but she is productive, sound, and wild in her muscle shape and body width. Plus she is hard to match in her stats. She has three top end daughters in the flock, has sold a pair of $1500 wethers including her 2015 Royalty son selected this spring by Tavis Herod, sold a $7,500 Freakshow buck lamb in 2013, and perhaps her most notable is the $3500 Windfall daughter sold at Sedalia to Dr. Kirk Esmond. That little ewe went on to win several shows on the TJLA circuit for Taylor Swenson later that summer, and then she went back to the farm and had a ewe lamb that stormed the circuit for Taylor and Kirk again, going on to win a $12,000 scholarship at San Antonio as the Reserve Supreme Champion ewe. We chose to breed 0004 to Congo this time, and I would expect his added muscle shape and substance to compliment her skeletal quality as well as any buck we have matched her to in the past. The Congo's were a big hit here this spring.





Chabot For Sale Chabot for Sale

Lot 14
Tag#: 9043
Sire: Eccentric
Dam: Strategy
Codon: RR DOB: 2009
Bred to: Half Baked
Approx. Due Date: January 25, 2016
Approx. # of Offspring: 1+

9043 was one the first Eccentrics to hit the ground here, and she has stood the test of time lambing 6 times for us. She leaves us with four daughters retained in the flock, one of which was campaigned by Rachel, and another who is in the donor pen. She also had a $2000 ewe lamb and a $3000 buck lamb sold at Sedalia, and she grossed $6,500 on three wethers sold off the farm. We could all quit our day jobs if we had many that took their job as seriously as 9043 has. Her mating to Half Baked could be the one!

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